Buddy Systems

I love the buddy system. It’s helped me achieve a lot in my short years on this planet.

I learned from an early age that a buddy, my twin sister at the time, was a great person to help encourage me when I was unsure about myself.

As an adult, I’ve found that my spouse has become a great buddy of mine in making big decisions- like should we buy a new house or do you think we should add another garden bed to our backyard.

However, the difference between having a buddy when you’re child and when you’re adult is the level of experience and expertise.

For example, when you’re a small child your buddy might encourage you to jump off of the back deck in the pile snow because the snow will certainly absorb your fall. *Readers: if the snow is fluffy, you fall straight to the ground with a thud even if there is over 3 feet of snow.

When you’re an adult your buddy shares insight and knowledge from past experiences and helps to bridge your uncertainty to viable options. *Readers: their knowledge might be helpful but not as adventurous.

The buddy system seems to be a natural part of being social humans. I love the buddy system. It’s the support system I use daily to bounce ideas off of and to help percolate new ones.

Finally I’ll leave you with this last thought: Why don’t these popular crime and mystery dramas utilize the buddy system? I watch the occasional type of show mentioned above and the demise of the supporting or lead character is their lack of use for the buddy system. *Reader: my spouse assures me that if they used the buddy system there would be no story to tell.

Waving Flags

I must have been a daydreamer as a child. I remember laying on my back in the yard, and watching the clouds pass by. I remember sitting on the front porch in the rocking chair and watch the flag wave in the breeze.

Today, and like most school days, I said the pledge with the classroom I started my day with. But this time, when I was placing my hand over my heart and looked up at their classroom flag- I also got a look at the school’s flag outside waving brightly to me.

Do you ever wonder how a flag must feel? It’s there all day waiving and greeting those who pass by and yet standing proud telling its story to all.

Tuppence for the Birds

Mary Poppins sings a song about the Bird Lady and it gets me every time. I try to remember if I understood this part as a child or more so as an adult. I remember feeling sad about the Bird Lady, but my memory seems foggy on why I remember her so well from my childhood.

As an adult watching Mary Poppins I think I’m struck by the lack of compassion by Mr. Banks and I can see what Mary is trying to teach the Banks children. Perhaps I WAS listening to Mary as a child and that’s why the Bird Lady has always stuck with me.

I try so hard every day to show love and compassion. It’s one of the reasons I choose this career path.

I hope that as my daughter watches Mary Poppins she remembers the Bird Lady too. We’ll be talking about her tonight at bed time.

Fresh Starts of Hope

I don’t believe in new year resolutions. I should share that first.

I do believe in small realistic goals that help you get to your targeted destination.

A new month always makes me feel hopeful.

Hopeful of what I CAN do. Hopeful of what COULD BE. Excited about that fresh start MOMENTUM.

I promise that I’m no pollyanna, but I believe in seeing the positive. When I focus on the opportunities of what I GET to do rather than the things I HAVE to do, I find that this mindset can help launch me into the zone of achievement.

This month, I’ve got some goals. I’m pumped and ready to try.

If you find yourself struggling at the beginning of the month with all of the things you HAVE to get done, then stop and find the ONE thing you GET to do.

Let that little spark ignite your positive momentum- you might just find that once you start moving you can’t stop the positive ball from rolling.

My goals for this month: build a new garden bed for berries, begin working on nursery, work on sculpting my arms, finish 2 books of pleasure and 1 book of professional development.

Digital Wellness Reflections

I had the opportunity to read an article this morning, and it pointed to the importance of teaching digital wellness to young children. This article sites that a fifth of the victims were 11 years old or younger, and as the age goes up so does the percentage of being a victim. This article emphasizes the importance to educate our children early and frequently to help prevent our students from being a number in these statistics. I’m very proud to be in a district that is forward and honest about digital wellness and being proactive. I am thankful as a parent because I know that my child will hear the important facts about digital wellness not just from me, but from her teachers as well. Childhood might not look the same as it did 30 years ago, and that’s ok, it’s nothing to fear. It means that as a community we must adjust and adapt to help educate our children in this changing world.

Having the Courage to Shine

Stop and take a look at that first spring flower to bloom.

For me, it’s the most delicate yellow crocus along the line of the fence in my yard.

It’s fellow companions are still in their genesis, about to take the same journey.

However, that lone yellow crocus has something that could be overlooked- it possesses the courage to shine.

It’s putting itself out there, telling the other flowers, “it’s ok, the sun is out, it’s warm enough, come on- we can do it.” However, those companions have yet to bloom a week after that initial beacon being broadcasted.

This had me thinking… how often do we as adults do the same to each other. To the leaders who are broadcasting a positive light, that we know is the step in the right direction. And yet, we drag our feet to follow suit. Perhaps it’s fear, perhaps it’s vanity of not being the leader, perhaps it’s ego, perhaps it’s neither of those and something altogether different.

I wonder how that lone crocus must feel, putting itself out there to lead.

It must take a certain kind of courage to shine like that yellow crocus that is in my garden.

The next time I come across a colleague, friend, or stranger broadcasting that same kind of courage- I’m going to think about that yellow crocus.


Tugs at the Heart

Throughout the day, there are little tugs at our hearts.

Those tugs can inspire us to grow in many ways: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Today I saw two friends take a heart tug and offer compassion to those who needed it.

Imagine if our reaction to heart tugs were always with compassion to serve, instead of a reaction to ignore.

To help cultivate the changes that we want to see in our society, we all must do our part to react a little more with kindness and empathy.

Go help spread some kindness today- peace be with you.