Having the Courage to Shine

Stop and take a look at that first spring flower to bloom.

For me, it’s the most delicate yellow crocus along the line of the fence in my yard.

It’s fellow companions are still in their genesis, about to take the same journey.

However, that lone yellow crocus has something that could be overlooked- it possesses the courage to shine.

It’s putting itself out there, telling the other flowers, “it’s ok, the sun is out, it’s warm enough, come on- we can do it.” However, those companions have yet to bloom a week after that initial beacon being broadcasted.

This had me thinking… how often do we as adults do the same to each other. To the leaders who are broadcasting a positive light, that we know is the step in the right direction. And yet, we drag our feet to follow suit. Perhaps it’s fear, perhaps it’s vanity of not being the leader, perhaps it’s ego, perhaps it’s neither of those and something altogether different.

I wonder how that lone crocus must feel, putting itself out there to lead.

It must take a certain kind of courage to shine like that yellow crocus that is in my garden.

The next time I come across a colleague, friend, or stranger broadcasting that same kind of courage- I’m going to think about that yellow crocus.



Tugs at the Heart

Throughout the day, there are little tugs at our hearts.

Those tugs can inspire us to grow in many ways: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Today I saw two friends take a heart tug and offer compassion to those who needed it.

Imagine if our reaction to heart tugs were always with compassion to serve, instead of a reaction to ignore.

To help cultivate the changes that we want to see in our society, we all must do our part to react a little more with kindness and empathy.

Go help spread some kindness today- peace be with you.




I love UNPLUGGING! I love it so much that on Sunday I have started to not touch email or any tech device- except to tell echo play jazz music.

This unique approach to a Sunday has left me feeling refreshed for Mondays. I know that I have over 100 emails in my inbox, today is was closer to 200. But for a short 24 hours, being unplugged and being a mother and being a wife is what matters.

I wonder how long this new idea for Sundays will last for me?

I don’t know.

I’m going to trust the process and see where it takes me. I might even bake some cookies and bread while I’m at it alongside my daughter. Who knows how it will fill unfold, but for a special 4 year old it’s becoming the highlight of her week.

Peace be with you on a Monday, if you read this far friends.



New Shoes

I love finding a good pair of shoes. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of white Converse shoes for a while, but I just hadn’t found a pair I liked- that was until today.

Today my heart ran with glee at the site of a pair of white quilted Converse shoes.

Then that made me think… how long have I been searching for these shoes?

The answer: about 5 years.


I was never actively and aggressively searching for them, I just always figured I would stumble across them some day. And today was that day.

In life, I tend to take this similar approach to many things. Instead of getting caught in frustration and in the angst of waiting and searching, I let things find me.

I know that it will happen because I’m open to the idea that it just might.

This philosophy has worked well my whole life. It keeps me grounded, humble, and pleasantly surprised when things come together.

There’s so many others things in my life that require my concentration and focus, and finding a pair of shoes shouldn’t be a stressor for me.

I wonder what’s the next surprise around the corner…

I am scrambled eggs-

You know that feeling.

Your brain has been whipped up and filled full of excitement from positive vibes of what is to come.

Then when all of the excitement hits the skillet, somehow the heat transforms that beautiful foamy mixture into frozen moments of time. Somehow it’s no longer fluid and flexible, and yet it’s become something new that can nourish and sustain us.

I start my day feeling like the whipped egg mixture, but I often find myself battling the micro transformations throughout the day that are making me a better person.

I need to enjoy the scramble eggs that I become. They are nourishing my mind and soul with experiences that help me to grow.

Is the car packed?

You know that feeling you get before a big road trip? I feel like it’s 3am and all I can do is think about is this, ‘is the car packed yet?’ And I know that it isn’t. This is my first blog entry professionally, and all I can think about is how to pack this vehicle for my peers and friends.

I love car trips in all honesty. I love packing snacks. I love having digital and print maps. I love finding mom and pop diners to eat at along the way. I love having all of my favorite songs ready to play over the speakers for all to listen. I love the journey often more then the destination.

When I was asked to take the blogging Slice of Life Challenge, my initial thoughts were: I’m not a writer.

However, I realized that I need to take this journey to grow. To grow in a task that I don’t feel all that confident at- writing.

Here’s my final thought- I’m taking this challenge to learn a bit about myself and to find how this journey can lead me to new destinations that I have yet to discover.

Right now I’m turning up the volume on my Pandora station, drinking my decaf coffee, and eating some not so healthy snacks; let’s drive!