Is the car packed?

You know that feeling you get before a big road trip? I feel like it’s 3am and all I can do is think about is this, ‘is the car packed yet?’ And I know that it isn’t. This is my first blog entry professionally, and all I can think about is how to pack this vehicle for my peers and friends.

I love car trips in all honesty. I love packing snacks. I love having digital and print maps. I love finding mom and pop diners to eat at along the way. I love having all of my favorite songs ready to play over the speakers for all to listen. I love the journey often more then the destination.

When I was asked to take the blogging Slice of Life Challenge, my initial thoughts were: I’m not a writer.

However, I realized that I need to take this journey to grow. To grow in a task that I don’t feel all that confident at- writing.

Here’s my final thought- I’m taking this challenge to learn a bit about myself and to find how this journey can lead me to new destinations that I have yet to discover.

Right now I’m turning up the volume on my Pandora station, drinking my decaf coffee, and eating some not so healthy snacks; let’s drive!

2 thoughts on “Is the car packed?”

  1. Fasten your seat belt because you are on a fantastic journey. Some days will be smooth sailing, others may have some potholes to dodge, but you will be glad you stuck it out at the end. Your night before a trip sounds a lot like mine. The anticipation is high and the fun is often in the journey. Welcome to the slicing community!


  2. Kara, I always love stopping by a brand new blog. I’m excited that you are joining the challenge. There’s nothing better than a trip with friends. Let’s do this!


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